Dimietrus Study, 2021


Kehinde Wiley announces the release of Dimietrus Study (2021), a new limited edition artist print created as a charitable partnership in support of Black Rock Senegal. All net proceeds from the signed edition of 30 prints will benefit Black Rock artist-in-residence program.

This print release is the third annual charitable partnership between Kehinde Wiley and Black Rock Senegal, following the releases of Sharrod Hosten Study III (2020) and Head of a Young Girl Veiled (2019).

About the artwork: Kehinde Wiley’s Dimietrus Study (2021) features a portrait of a young, Black New Yorker amidst a wreath of pink and blue flora that Wiley originally created in 2008. Returning to the composition, Wiley explains, “This portrait continues a theme that exists within the selection of prints I have made for Black Rock Senegal. Each addresses the complicated intersection between the masculine and the feminine, the historic and the present. Much like the Black Rock Senegal program, and the artists we welcome each year, these works draw inspiration from a beautiful and terrible past to offer a new optimism for how we can reclaim tradition to reimagine our shared future.”

25 1/2in x 18 7/8in
Archival ink on paper in artist’s frame
Signed Limited Edition of 30 

 This artwork cannot be purchased through the Kehinde Wiley Shop. Please email us at shopinfo@kehindewileyshop.com to inquire about purchasing an edition of this print.

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