Officer of the Hussars Deck of Cards





This deck of cards features Kehinde Wiley’s 2007 painting Officer of the Hussars. Sitting high on a horse with a leopard skin saddle and welding a sabre, the model mirrors the subject of Théodore Géricault’s 1812 painting of the same title. The model, in contemporary clothing with Timberlands and a watch, turns to face the viewer as his horse rears up in a deserted battlefield. At first glance, like many Kehinde Wiley paintings, makes viewers observe who has power.

  • 54 playing cards, linen embossed finish.
  • Designed in New York. Made in USA.
  • Exclusive. Only available on our site and at Detroit Institute of Arts.

Net proceeds from your purchase support the artist in residence program Black Rock Sénégal, founded by Wiley in 2019.

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