Tiled Silk Pajama Set





This limited-edition, all over print, unisex washed-silk pajama set is the perfect lounge wear for adding art, color and meaning in your life.  With imagery pulled directly from four of Kehinde Wiley's original paintings, these pajamas are a kaleidoscope of pattern, symbolism and humanity.

The design is a unique tapestry of paintings reflecting Wiley's travels to Brazil, Cameroon, Israel and Mali and features vibrant portrayals of contemporary Black and brown men in cross-cultural nationalistic poses that reimagine the art-historical grand narrative in portraiture.  Each figure is surrounded by unique floral designs rich with significant iconology from each location.  The paintings chosen by Wiley for this design are as follows:  1)  Marechal Floriano Peixoto II (2009); 2) Benediter Brkou (2011); 3) Besler's Florilegium, Shoe Salesman (2012); and 4) Dogon Couple II (2013).

Sizing: XXL, XL, L, M, S, XS  (Models shown are wearing M).

Net proceeds from your purchase support the artist in residence program Black Rock Sénégal, founded by Wiley in 2019.


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